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How I started working at LOFT

logo_vignetIn September 2011 my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to live together. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years and the traffic jammed commute between Haarlem, where she lived, and Utrecht where I lived led to this decision. After some debate on choice of city, we decided we should look for a place after our holiday in Indonesia. So after a great holiday we started looking for a place. In just 2 days we came across a place that ticked all the boxes. Two days later we and 3 other couples had the chance to look at it and decide whether we would like to rent it. After the 1 hour visit we fell in love with the place and decided we would like to rent it. After a few nerve-wrecking days the news came we were the chosen ones. Great news! Now we could start decorating. The thing was, we both had stuff but we didn’t have a clue how this would look in this new apartment. We had been there once, we had some pictures but no measurements. The online room planners didn’t offer a solution. With me starting my job at a large IT consultancy agency I wondered, isn’t there a better way?

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